What is a Video Tour!?

Video Tour? 3D Tour? Virtual Tour? Slideshow? Seriously... what are all these things, do I need them? WHY? Someone make the choice for me....

Whether you are an agent or an individual selling a home, having a way for your buyers to experience your virtually can be so helpful!

Great photos are imperative to selling a home! Being able to showcase the home in a professional manner not only makes you look like a more serious seller but also makes the home look its very best. Photos are the gateway to your listing, they catch the buyers eye and make them want to see more!

So do you want a 3D/Virtual Tour? Or a Video Tour?

3D/Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are done with 3D cameras. This option continues to become a favorite amongst real estate photographers. The photographer will use a 3D camera to capture images of each room and then with fancy software, string these together. Obviously every program does these are little differently, but typically the buyer is will be able to use their curser to navigate the home. They can move in and out of rooms, look around the room and get a feel for how the house is laid out.

+ A fun and realistic way to experience a home

-Not always user friendly! I can't tell you how many times I've heard of people getting stuck in the corner of a room and giving up!

Video Tours

Video tours are actually short films of the home. The videographer will go through each room of the home taking beautiful recordings that show the space, the lay out of the home along with any special details. So, for example, not only will they see the beautiful living room, they will also get a close up of the intricate stone fireplace! Buyers will click on the video, press play, and be taken on a short, visually appealing tour of the home.

+ Easy to use! Any age or ability can utilize this feature!

-Not interactive

So What Do I Choose!?

Well, this is totally up to you! Here at ELB Photography we do Video Tours! I truly believe this is the easiest and most visually appealing way to see a home. It doesn't look like a video game, it doesn't have a learning curve, it is a one click view to entice buyers.

There are options!

  • You can choose a 30 second social media teaser! Maybe you just want a short video to put on Instagram to grab buyers interests? Social media is an AWESOME way to promote the homes you are listing! I am happy to add agent branding to personalize the listing.
  • A full tour! The home size depends on the length, however, I try to capture each room and the flow of the home while keeping it short enough to not lose the buyers' interest.