What Is The Difference?!

Alright Liz, you list something called "Luxury Edits" and "HDR Marketing Images" in your packages, what is the difference?!


I'm not going to lie... these are awesome! These images are edited fully. Window pulls, color adjustments, it's all there! With crisp, sharp lines, these images are sure to capture the attention of buyers! Currently these are an Add On option since they take longer to edit. Sellers should expect these images roughly 24 hours from their shoot.


The original, the tried and true! HDR images are great and just about everything you are seeing displayed on this website! Real estate images are blended photos, and the system I have in place allows me to deliver images quickly to sellers. They are without some of the 'fancy fixings' but they are clear, clean and beautiful images. All photo packages use HDR images unless upgraded to Luxury.

Luxury Edit

HDR Image